YOSU is a classic new-era investment fund. For new money. For a new economy.
YOSU Manifesto
Three basic principles that benefit our clients:
1. Japanese Style Investments
Fund targets long-term and safe strategies that benefit YOSU clients.
YOSU does not risk client assets for short-term earnings. Only strategically verified and safe steps for long-term profits with the least risk are approved.
2. Transparency and Safety
YOSU respects the law and acts only in the legal framework.
All fund transactions are as transparent and open to clients and partners. YOSU values confidence and maintains it with every action.
3. Nourishing a New Economy
YOSU seeks synergy. By investing today into future technology and infrastructure, the fund participates in the future digital assets’ creation for clients.
Our experts analyze, forecast and understand upcoming projects to achieve long-term profitability of clients’ portfolios. It is necessary to invest in the global blockchain infrastructure and technology companies today that have great potential for growth.
Investments in Japanese Style
World’s first financial entity, which is registered in Japan and has the right to work with cryptocurrencies with all appropriate authorizations.
Cryptocurrency as a means of payment
Japan officially recognizes bitcoin as a means of payment.
The largest crypto market
Up to 50% of the stock market turnover of bitcoin is accounted for by Japan.
State guarantees
Regulation of cryptocurrency turnover is carried out by the FSA. This excludes any manipulation of the market by exchanges and bidders.
Transparency and Safety
YOSU acts in the interests of its clients strictly within the framework of existing legal regulation of Japan.
Legal purity
TMI Associates, the fifth-largest law firm in Japan, will take over the full legal support of client transaction and provide maximum investment protection.
Secure operations using an account in a Japanese Bank
YOSU has undergone SMBC, KYC and AML procedures that provide unprecedented protection for investment portfolios.
Audit and disclosure of information
The annual independent audit is carried out by an international company RSM Seiwa Audit (a member of the RSM International Group, which has over 800 offices in more than 120 countries).
Guaranteeing the safety of your capital
Under laws of Japan, capital that is received on a secure bank account of the YOSU Fund can be used exclusively for investment purposes.
Nourishing a New Economy
Together with you, YOSU is developing the global blockchain infrastructure and the digital economy of the world.
Investing in new technologies
Balanced risk and income investment portfolio. Cryptocurrencies, projects of global blockchain infrastructure, technological unicorns.
YOSU is a global company
We work globally. Our Head office is located in Japan. Representative offices are in the US and Russia. We plan to launch offices in Europe and countries of the Arab world.
Individual approach
We use no template scenarios or typical solutions, only a personal approach. Your Personal manager and support are available 24/7.
Start Investing with YOSU
Three simple steps
to secure crypto-investments
Step 1. The Agreement.
Conclusion of a bilateral cooperation agreement governed by Article 535 of the Japanese Commercial Code (Tokumei kumiai / Anonymous partnership).
Step 2. Money Transfer.*
Bank transfer in USD / EURO / JPY / BTC from the investor’s account to YOSU SMBC account or YOSU blockchain wallet.
* There is a possibility of investment in the cryptocurrency
Step 3. Receiving profits.
Annual reporting, payment of taxes, receipt of revenues in USD / EURO / JPY / BTC on the investor’s account.
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