Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are the evolution of traditional investments.
Signs of a new paradigm of money management
YOSU Fund experts have combined the best practices of traditional money management with a safe approach to investing in blockchain assets investments.
Crypto Portfolios
Choose the optimal balance of profitability and risks for you. YOSU offer three types of investment portfolios.
Conservative in a New Way
The portfolio is formed from the leaders of the technology market, which provide optimal profitability with a relatively low risk (1.5 bn USD market capitalization).
Peak of Technology
Moderate in terms of risks and income, this portfolio is formed from the leading projects included in the lists of largest crypto-exchanges.
Investing in the future
An aggressive strategy of portfolio formation from perspective assets with high volatility; risk profile is high.
Legal trading on Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges
Use the whole arsenal of the market
Realize the full potential of a fund, that is profitability, not only in a growing but also in a falling market.
Keep your balance
Eliminate a chance of capital loss on the deep drawdowns of the industry as a whole.
Trade management automation
Use of technologies based on mathematical algorithms to trade on the exchange. Trading on the basis of algorithms goes with minimal human involvement and diminishes probable errors, and emotional impacts in order to increase operating efficiency.
Cryptocurrency investment solutions built on the principles of security and transparency.